Welcome to the Quarter Wife


Welcome to the Quarter Wife blog! It is a rather bizarre name for a blog that, simply put, is a directory to all the things that a Zimbabwean woman needs.

The name started as a joke between my Quarter Wife and me (I’ll not mention her name, because you’ll want to take her from me!!) a few years ago. We were both overwhelmed by our roles as wives, and the responsibility that came with it. Not only were we cooking, doing chores, doing this and that, we were doing the shopping, and having to know where was a great place to get a bargain, where can one get good quality cheap meat, where am I getting my hair done, where can I get a new outfit that won’t fall apart after two washes, where are the husband’s slippers, why can’t I find my favourite dishwashing liquid anymore…. *sigh*. Just like the last sentence, it never seemed to end. Then my dear friend said to me, “Men are lucky they have wives, I need my own wife. Even if it is a quarter wife, I’d be all right.” So, what started out as a joke, has now turned into a blog.

The vision I have for this blog is for it to be just that: A Quarter Wife to all the women who are overwhelmed by the above questions and others. I will be there to supply all that information so you don’t have to be stranded. I hope it will be as informative and exciting as it is to have that friend who always knows where to find everything, and can even whip up a recipe out of nowhere.

I have already started work on my first post! Surviving the Zimbabwean Winter, which will be published next week. I will be giving you info on where to buy winter linen, where to get cute jerseys and coats (bheros and flea markets included!!), and I’ll share a recipe that is hearty enough for winter, and a departure from our usual sadza nenhingi! I’ll also give a few tips on how to keep your hair and skin moisturised in winter, with contacts of salons and hair/skin product suppliers to keep that hair and skin supple!

I’m excited to be starting on this blog, and I hope it’ll help you as much as my own Quarter Wife has helped me. Girl, this is for you; thank you for the inspiration.

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