Part 2: Looking Cute in Layers

Being a Gweru girl, I have learnt the art of layering up clothes when the cold hits… and to be frank, the outcome has rarely been cute. I cannot go outside my home with a 2-in-1 blanket wrapped around my waist, striped fuzzy socks, a sweater and a beanie! So how do you look cute and warm at the same time? Well, I have a few sources for your winter coats and jerseys:

Bhero Bhero Bhero!!

We have many names for the places that sell secondhand clothes, and out of season new clothes: Kotamai Boutique, Mupedgars, BDB, the list goes on. In other countries, they’re all fancy, and called thrift stores, consignment stores, etc. The end result is good quality coats and jerseys at a ridiculously low price. You can check them out at Copacabana, Charge Office, and the head office, Mupedzanhamo. If you want your own bhero, there are a few Facebook pages, that you can get in touch with. The advice I’d have for you in dealing with these guys, is find out where people buy from, and read reviews, they are quite helpful. If you have a bad back, most flea markets nowadays do sell bhero items, again relatively cheaper than the new stock they carry.

The Jersey Lady is selling bale jerseys at the moment, get in touch with her on 0776 330 358.

Mai Angel Chrissy is selling bale coats, and her number is 0733 405 387.

The only downside to bhero shopping is that stock is dependent on what bale the seller has, and you rarely will find more than one of what you like, so you’ll be unlucky if something you love is not in your size.


Cleo’s Collection is run by Cleopatra Chakanyuka Mutarisi, and from the little that I saw, I can safely assume that when you’re done shopping there, you’ll be pretty hot, not just cute. You can also get in touch with her on the number 0785 359 292.

Along with the usual stores, like Edgars, Truworths, Meikles and Barbours, you will never go wrong going to our shopping centres (Eastgate, Westgate, Sam Levy’s, Avondale), and having a look at their stock.


The following are based in Bulawayo, so Bulawayo ladies, you are covered! Both buy the coats from SA, and sell in Bulawayo (Mathamsanqa does per order for customers monthly). Get in touch with them using the following numbers:

Fadzayi Chambati: +27 73 067 9163

Mathamsanqa Mahlangu: 0715 172 528

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so I’d love to hear where you are getting your winter coats and jerseys from. Comment below, give your places a shout-out, so we know other places to go.

Until next time… Your Quarter Wife.

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