Where to get: African Print Outfits

The quality of a good Quarter wife is to hear what your person is saying, and act on her behalf. I think I did that for one of the people I follow on Twitter, who asked the following question:


Hope this helps you!

23 Milnerton Ave, Arcadia


Tel: 0772 597 016

Twitter: @BlaqueExcellenc

Tel: 0772 274 225

This is an online store which specialises in African print designs. The designs are gorgeous, but it may be hard to purchase with our card limits, and their flat fee of $25 shipping to Zimbabwe. They  are a viable option however.

They’re located at Sam Levy’s Village, and you can check their Facebook page here.

Based in South Africa, but also ships worldwide.

+27 62 981 4931

They make beautiful African print accessories, to go with your outfit!

19 Glenara Ave, Eastlea

Tel: 0772 940 129

0774 111 661

  • Age Fashions-Africa Prints

Suite 204, 2nd floor, Roslin House

Nelson Mandela Ave


0774 690 004

If you know of anyone else I may have left out whom you’ve had a great experience with, let me know in the comments!

Until then… Your Quarter Wife.

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