Where to get: Pampered in Zim (Part 1: Harare)

I was browsing through Twitter a few days ago, and TeteHumba’s tweet made me realise that I have not begun to live my best life just yet!!

I went through a mini-crisis: How have I not been asking this question ever? What is wrong with me? Do I not deserve some pampering too?

After a bit of ice-cream and chocolate, I realised that I need to spoil myself as well, and to give you ladies a few places to go spoil yourselves too. We run around and pamper others, it is only wise (yes wise!) to spoil ourselves and allow ourselves to be fussed over once in a while. So here we go!!

Note: Please book in advance for each of these places.

The Retreat Day Spa

Source: Facebook

27 Ridgeway South

Tel: 0783 106 617

Their Facebook page includes their price list for each treatment.

Amara’s Health Spa


I wasn’t gonna comment, but the first thought on my mind when I went to their website was, “Faaaaancy!” They’ve won awards! Megafest 2014! World Luxury Spa Awards 2016! And they’re nominated this year!

19 Fernleigh Road

Tel: 04 886663
0774 892 738
0731 892 738

The Skin Spa

Source: Facebook

Another faaaancy place, that uses Clarins® products on their clients. Just had to add that… They’re also nominated for the World Luxury Spa Awards for 2017.

1 Dacomb Drive

Tel: 497541
0772 287 890

Skin Spa Signature

Inside Willowmead Junction, Rolf Valley Shops

Tel: 0778 020 737
0774 323 190

Skin Spa Xpress, Rolf Valley

Shop No. 5 Rolf Valley Shops,
Cnr Rolf Ave & Fisher Ave

Tel: 0783 383 013
0774 976 998

Cleopatra Wellness and Aesthetics Spa

Source: Facebook

I went there once with my sister and mom for facials. The staff was so friendly and their voices were so soothing while they scraped, steamed and peeled the very soul of my skin!! It was so worth it though. They now stock Anesi Beauté products.

176 Enterprise Road
Chisipite Harare

Tel: (04) 497818

0719 497 818

Crystal Spa


They use Diego Dalla Palma & Régima products.

16 Rowland Square

Tel (04) 793684

Raw Earth Spa

Source: Facebook

1 Hurworth Road,

Tel: 0775 886 741 – (Kelly)

0772 309 395 – (Madhana)

Timeless Beauty Spa

Source: Facebook

Arundel Village, Shop 39, 1st floor
Mount Pleasant, Harare

Tel (04) 369992
0774 110 609

Curtley’s Day Spa and Salon

Source: Facebook

31 Arundel School Road
Mount Pleasant, Harare

Tel: 04 302483

Shaytique Hair Health and Holistic Spa

Source: Facebook

167 Enterprise Rd

Tel: 0774 172 569

Glow Day Spa

Source: Facebook

22 Connaught Ave, Suite 4

Tel: 08644 202 057

Radiant Beauty Spa

Source: Facebook

Newlands Shopping Centre, Mon Repos Building
Suite 1
Parking Lot 42

Tel: 077 378 9975

There are so many more, and I would love to hear from you ladies which ones that are not on my list that you go to. Part 2, we will cover the spas you can visit in other Zimbabwe cities and towns. We are going to be pampered this year!

Until then… your Quarter Wife.

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