So… I got the Butcher Box from AMP Meats…

Hi all!

I have a bizarre fear of buying meat at a butcher’s. I’m afraid that I will get the wrong meat, or the cut of meat that I want won’t be available, and I would’ve travelled for nothing. For that reason, I only buy meat on demand, which is equally straining. I had heard about AMP Meat’s Butcher Box delivery for a while now, but I’d put off trying it out for one reason or another. This month, after another episode of “Butcher Paralysis,” I decided to go for it.

You can check out their website here.

I went straight to the Butcher box section (this was all on my mobile phone, their mobile site is great!).

I love chicken, so I chose the Beef and Chicken Box:



AMP Meats 2
Source: AMP Meats

The next page has a list of extras you can add to your box. I didn’t add anything else, because I was so chuffed with the free bacon!!

You give them the delivery details, whether you want a morning or an afternoon delivery. I chose an afternoon delivery.

You have an option to pay online, or on delivery. I paid online with PayNow; it is so easy to use, and you receive an email confirmation when payment is received. They then tell you the date of delivery. Mine was the day after making my order.

I got my box the next day, at exactly 1:55pm. Here’s what it looked like:

AMP Meats 3
They don’t kid about the 5-6kg… and my free bacon!!!
AMP Meats 4
Another view…
AMP Meats 5
The entire haul, each portion individually wrapped.

I was so excited, I used the chicken thighs for dinner the next day. I marinated them in a soy-garlic-fennel-balsamic-beer mixture overnight, and roasted them. I served them with creamy pesto pasta (with bacon bits on top… never skip the bacon!!), and steamed vegetables:

AMP Meats 6

I highly recommend AMP Meats for the busy woman and anyone who suffers from my rare disorder.

What have your experiences been with AMP Meats? Let me know in the comments below!!

Until next time… Your Quarter Wife.

5 thoughts on “So… I got the Butcher Box from AMP Meats…

    1. So true! And it does come in handy especially if you work and don’t have time to buy whatever it is you need. I know that I like to take my sweet time shopping, and when I don’t have that time, it’s comforting to know that I can shop online.

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      1. That’s how I buy my Boost. I have it delivered and it sure is nice. If I feel like I’m about to starve to death, I’ll venture out every month or so. I HATE shopping. I actually don’t really enjoy eating all that much. 🙂


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