Day 5: I’ll Plan for my Parents Now

Today’s topic on the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge was: are your parents included in your retirement plans? I realised that they are not, because I never did plan to “retire”. See, in my line of work, if my faculties are still all right, I could work till I die. One of my lecturers, Professor Levy, worked and studied until he died at 86. He was still publishing papers, and lecturing. So, retirement never really crossed my mind.

My dad always spoke of settling at his farm when he retired, and doing what he always wanted to do: chill and farm. Having highly educated parents instilled in me the need to secure a future for my children and their children, and they refused to entertain the thought of us taking care of them. The only thing they speak of is taking care of my only living grandparents. So, again, including them in my retirement plans never crossed my mind.

Watching the previous generations, I realised that my grandmother’s mom died before she retired, my dad’s mom died before his retirement, and my mom’s dad died last year, way before she is thinking of retirement. It brought to mind, rather painfully, the fact that my parents could die, even before I reach retirement age. So it might be pointless to think of retirement when it comes to my parents.

So the only plan I have for them is this: lessen as many loads as I possibly can. Celebrate them every time that I can. Make sure they know I love them and appreciate them, and enjoy the time I have with them now. I will be praying, that at least they live to see all their grandchildren, as well as some great-grandchildren. Let them live long enough to see out their children’s success, and see the fruit of it in their own lives. Even if we haven’t retired by the time they die, at least they would have lived a full life, knowing that their children are all right.

This topic has made me realise that I cannot wait until retirement to plan for my parents. I can do something now. Even if it’s not as ostentatious as I’d love, they will know from now on that they mean a lot to me, and I will have their back whatever happens. I can plan my time, my support, and my money, when I can. I cannot sit back and think retirement, just in case my parents don’t live that long.

My mom and dad… here’s to making memories and planning for now! I love you both

What about you? Are your parents included in your retirement plan? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.


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