Day 6: Naturals, Naturals Everywhere!

On Saturday, the 2nd of September, I went to a Natural Hair Spring Festival, hosted by Kinks & Fros and Langa Cosmetics. The vision behind it was to model it after the annual CurlFest held in the States, where naturals all over get together, and be fabulous! With food, music and some freebies of course! I have no more to say, let the pictures do the talking!

Pic 2
Getting my twist-out ready, as you can see, the wig has been rested!
Day 6 Pic 2
My hair would not behave, so puff it was (the bangs were good, so they stayed out).
Relaxed scene, with people chilling and listening to music.
The lovely ladies at the gate!
I had to take a close-up of her hairstyle, because it was fire! That’s my next style!
Natural twins! Jayne and Kay Terera. You might know them if you went to their Natural Hair Meetup in Byo in April this year.
Fellow blogger and naturalista, MaKupsy/Fitness BaeZW. Check out her day 6 post here.
Naturals naturals everywhere!!
Shingai Ziki of Afrokink Salon… yes, that is her hair!
Nyasha Adler of Kinks and Fros Hair Studio. Her hair too!
Surrounded by so much beautiful hair!! Samantha Rutendo Mushayi, a natural hair and lifestyle blogger. Check out her blog here.
TashaMat! Another natural hair blogger and fashion designer. Check out her blog here.
Zumba-off. Winners were given prizes.
Hair and fashion models from Afrokink Salon and Natasha Mubare Matipano.
The lovely naturalista Nomusa Nomlee Nyathi
Going nuts at the photo booth!
Pic 3
I had to get one as well with my fellow crazy naturalistas!


The caterer they booked let them down last minute, and messed up the food scene royally (NOT cool caterer!!), but fortunately these two guys were there, and kept us alive until the backup caterer came:

Their melon relish? Spectacular! I should have bought it… now my life is filled with regret.
Yes, that is my drink, and I took a picture of it!

And that’s it! I’m doing detailed features on the companies that were there at the festival on Facebook, so if you want to know about all of them, check out my Facebook page here.

What were you up to this weekend? Were you there at the Harare Natural Spring Fest? Let me know in the comments!!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

19 thoughts on “Day 6: Naturals, Naturals Everywhere!

  1. Love ur hair! But I can imagine the effort it would take to maintain the beautiful springs.
    Ive type 3C curls myself. Took me years and years to find a conditioner that suits me. And now wt my Hijab, I need to be extra careful of maintaining it :/


    1. Thank you so much! It is a bit of a struggle, but the less I manipulate it, the better it behaves. I usually keep it in twists or cornrows and wear wigs, so I have access to my scalp.
      What material is your hijab? If it’s silky/satiny, it would be an advantage, like a day-long satin scarf! Maybe keeping it in cornrows/ twists will keep it from matting.
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wear a little cotton cap thingy, called a Ninja scarf under all my hijabs. Usually I wear viscose material shawls.
        Its not all bad. Living in the tropics can get real hot though. And Ive to wash my hair everyday of coz.
        Thanks for ur tips. Ive been recently thinking about colouring my hair. But maybe I’ll get cornrows instead. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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