10 Zimbabwean Songs on my Road Trip Playlist.

I love music. The end.

If I were to introduce myself to you like this, you’d know 80% about me. Events in my life have a “soundtrack”. For example, if I’m travelling, I listen to “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz nonstop. A song I’m singing can clue you in to what season I’m in in my life, or what’s been on my mind lately. I listen to music when I’m cooking, cleaning, driving, bathing. I don’t listen to music when I’m working out though… it distracts me.

So when this topic was thought up, I was like, “Ah, so easy…” until the list was finished. I  kid you not, I had 56 songs on that list! So I had to narrow it down, somehow. So here are my favourite Zim songs for when I’m on the road. They’re fast, they’re catchy, and they keep you awake!

  1. Ammara Brown ft. Chengeto Brown – Wachu Want
  2. Chiwoniso Maraire – Tamari
  3. Double Trouble – Chamhembe!!
  4. Leonard Dembo – Sharai
  5. Oliver Mtukudzi – Rirongere
  6. Alexio – Paunoda
  7. ExQ ft. Killer T – Nhema
  8. ExQ ft. Roki – Alleluyah (DJ putiti, DJ wangu putiti!!)
  9. Tamy – Sango
  10. Tytan & Ammara – Mukoko

Even this list was a struggle, I had to make drastic cuts! Here are some honourable mentions:

  1. Marshall Munhumumwe – Rudo
  2. DJ Stavo ft. Roki – The Journey
  3. Winky D – Disappear

What are your favourite Zim songs? Or songs from your country? I’d love to hear them, give me a shout in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife

6 thoughts on “10 Zimbabwean Songs on my Road Trip Playlist.

  1. Winky D is boss… i recently heard this track and now I have it on repeat I dont even know what its called … but its something about a gafa party and girls in bikinis and toi toi???
    lol and its great car music too


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