Day 8: My Relationship with God and the Church

These two verses in Psalms describe rather accurately my relationship with God:

I love the Lord, for He heard my voice;
    He heard my cry for mercy.
Because He turned his ear to me,
    I will call on him as long as I live.

-Psalm 116: 1-2

I love God. The life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of my faith. The Holy Spirit is my comfort and help in all things. I read the Bible, and it makes sense in a way I can’t explain. It’s not mystical to me, the logic is crystal. My Maths teacher taught us pi by using a passage in the Bible. That’s when it clicked to me that God and science are not enemies, and believing in Him made even more sense.

My relationship with the church… rather, some of His people, however…

Source: Google

For the longest time, I’ve been struggling with the Church, in general. I thought we were meant to be the body of Christ, but it seems more like we are loose limbs, running around. A hand there, a foot there, the ears are chilling in the coffee house, while the heart is trying to cross the street.

Meant to be one of the two greatest laws, along with, “Love the Lord Your God…” Nina Strehl

Even speaking to some I’m meant to call brother/sister, is like talking to a wall, or that pervy uncle who does stuff to you and tells you to not tell anyone. I find it disturbing, that we’re meant to be the light and salt of the world, and our mouths can spew such hate sometimes. A lady I know was showing off her family, her husband has an Afro, and some “Christian” called his Afro “demonic”. Wow. Another “Christian” called a concerned congregant a “Satanist” and “demon-possessed” while wishing him and his family dead. Just because he was questioning what a leader said.


You know who used to speak like that in Bible days, whom we used to turn up our noses at during Bible study? The Pharisees. Countless times, they said Jesus had a demon. I do wonder now, that if He were in our time, would we not have crucified Him too? If He were to speak against the hero-worship of some of these church leaders, would we not have said, “He has a demon. He’s a Satanist. Touch not the anointed!” If He were to upturn our churches, would we not go ballistic and want to kill Him? If He were to confront us and said we’ve lost our first love, wouldn’t we be dragging Him to the cross again?

aaron-burden-143103 Aaron Burden

So… I will chill with my close group of friends, who love God like I do, and have complicated relationships with the church just like me. We will church it out, cause apparently we have to, and spend time together after. I will love my family. I will take care of the widows and the orphans. I will strive to be “offensive” and “demonic” like Jesus, because I’ve realised He would’ve been rejected in these times too, because we still don’t get what He was all about, 2000 plus years down the line. Yet, what He spoke, and who He is, is the true Word of God! So I’ll follow His example, because if He had come to represent who God is, then yes, that is the God I choose to serve.

Beauty’s Daughter gets it, and her post is so worth reading! Get over there!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic…. it’s about to get crazy up in these streets!!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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