Day 11: My Favourite Zimbabwean Haircare Brands

Hair. A woman’s glory. Her obsession, sometimes. When our hair is short, we want it to be longer, when it’s long we want it to be even longer. People are making money over “length check” tshirts, where you can check how long your hair is growing. There are hair-growth seminars, meet-ups, elixirs, you name it.

When someone has real long hair, the usual question is “What do you use?” It’s frustrating to hear that they use some exotic brand you can only find in the USA or Europe, or a diy mix. So I looked around and found a number of local brands that are excellent for your hair. Whether natural, relaxed, texlaxed, texturised, or you’re a man, these brands are Zimbabwean, and work great:



The Black hair grower has gotten so much hype lately with the natural hair movement. And it is cheap! Dax should start advertising again, because their products are getting popular like crazy.

Find them at: any supermarket in the hair care aisle.


I am embarrassed to say I had no idea it was a Zimbabwean product. It is excellent for daily moisture when you’re too lazy to buy spray bottles and make your own concoctions. They are also very reasonable.

Find them at: any supermarket round Zimbabwe


Source: Facebook

Check out their Facebook page, and see for yourself why people are talking about it. There is a list of distributors worldwide, get in touch with them to find out where you can get it in your country.

ManeTain Organics

Source: Facebook

Created by Lienne Shonhiwa, who is also a blogger. Check out one of my favourite posts of hers here. She’s also on YouTube. Get in touch with her on 0713 926 832 for her products.

Kinks By Nature

Picture by the Quarter Wife

I am a sucker for tea tree oil, and some of the formulations contain tea tree oil! Get in touch on 0772 281 616.

The rest are “honourable mentions” because they were made by Zimbabweans. If you are not in Zim and wanna try products by Zimbabweans, here are a few:


Source: Facebook

Retailers in Zim:

ISU Collections
19 Glenara Rd

Glow Day Spa Service
22 Connaught Rd

Kinky Curly Natural Hair Salon
38 Amton Rd
Mt. Pleasant

Enhle Day Spa
13 Thurston Lane


Picture by the Quarter Wife

Find them at:

Anuva Hair Care
cnr Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: 077 528 5710



Source: Facebook

The founder and CEO of FroSister is Zimbabwean, based in the UK. Her products are available in Zimbabwe, Call on 077 176 8408 to get in touch with distributors.


I’m sure there are more Zimbabwean and Zimbabwean-owned hair brands, let me know about them in the comments.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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