Day 12: Top 3 Favourite Pieces in my Closet

I’m sorry for the late post, my WordPress was acting crazy yesterday and today! I think we have fixed the bugs. Now, on to fashion!

I am not a fashionista. At all. I try to be; I mean, I see a lot of clothes that I think, “I’d like to try that,” but I never do. My sense of adventure when it comes to clothes is always in my head. So I will let you take a little peek into my closet and see my safe clothing.

  • Chunky Ankle Boots

I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the time, when I got these boots. I had just finished buying a dress in Target, and was going to pay, when I saw these boots on the clearance shelf! I picked them up, saw the price tag, and added them to my purchases. I love love love these boots! They are high without feeling high. I can wear them with anything! Being the safe one, I’ve only wear them with leggings and jeans, but I wear them with floaty dresses and jumpsuits in my head.

Look at these beauties… and they were only 16 bucks!


  • Slouchy Cardigan

I have so many of these, in different thicknesses, colours and shapes. One has pockets! That’s my favourite, I’m a sucker for pockets. I’m a bit more adventurous with these, I wear them with everything, even cute dresses!

Source: Love Street Apparel on Pinterest


  • My Wig!!

Well, in my defense, Black people call weaves and wigs “pieces” so it fits right in there! I love wigs, they are a great protective style… they protect my hair from me, as well as the elements. Then, when I get home, I take it off, and pamper my hair as usual. My sister got me this one and I cannot get enough of it!



So that’s me and my closet! Let’s hear from you! Or, you can take a look at the other bloggers’ closets:

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Keith Makurira and his hilarious twist on this topic. I still can’t with you!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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