Day 13: The One Thing Everyone Asks me

In an earlier post, I told you about how I’m a doctor. Now, I love my job, it’s real fun seeing people from all walks of life, and I love having to put symptoms together to come up with a diagnosis. It’s a life-long Sherlock Holmes episode. It’s great. When I am done at work, I want to be done with work. I want to chill at home, have fun with my family, eat good food and unwind. Which is why the following question when I’m not at work drives me bananas, and gives me so much stress:

Chingave chii?

In English, this means, “What could it be?” Somehow, somewhere, in some way, if someone finds out I’m a doctor, they start asking random questions about some symptoms that they or a relative has. Now I’m taken out of my relax mode and forced back into work mode, which I do. Not. Like. I am a person who thinks in compartments. When the work compartment is closed, I don’t like it pried open.

This is my mind… let’s keep the boxes separate!!

Oh, but it gets pried open. And I have to smile, and try to answer questions, all the while thinking, “But why guys? Why?” It happens almost everywhere! At home, at a family gathering, shopping. Once, at an accident scene, I’m busy thanking God my relative is fine, and the other party wants me to consult on their relative. Like… really???? REALLY!!

Trying to tell me your symptoms when I’m in “relax mode”. Does. Not. Compute! (source: Google)

Don’t get me wrong, I love my career, but I have other things in my life that need my attention. I have made a conscious decision to keep my work and my personal life separate, and that is for a reason: to keep me sane, my family protected, and for you to have an excellent doctor at the appropriate time. So if you ask me “Chingave chii?” and I tell you to see a doctor or come see me at work, don’t be offended; it’s for your own good.


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