Day 15: I Love to Write

Why did I join the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge?

I love to write. Writing is cathartic to me, it lets me let out what I tend to internalise. I have a hard time vocalising my emotions, and the best way to do that for me is to write down the feelings. Maybe it’s a product of liking lists, and my semi-obsession with documenting things. If it’s not on paper, it doesn’t exist.

In the writing world, no man is an island. I wanted to get to know fellow bloggers, learn from them, connect with them, be accountable to them, so I can become better as well.

I thrive on challenges and some form of structure. If I’m to take personality profiles seriously, I’m an INTJ. Of course I don’t, and that’s funny, cause apparently my personality hates being boxed as well, lol. Anyway, I like taking challenges and making them my own. Give me a deadline, and I’m good to go.

Because… I wanted to. And I’m glad I did.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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