Fitness #Challenge: A Challenge

I decided to re-blog this for Day 16, because this sums up my fitness journey… I don’t have one. I know what I want to change, what habits are bad that I need to let go of, and I go for it. Fitness challenges give me a boost so that I can make it into a lifestylle. My update so far:
I still love sugar… I’m having trouble with this one. I think I’m gonna let go slowly instead of going cold turkey.
Water! I think I have won!!
Exercise… I’m still dying, but I’m getting there!

The Quarter Wife

There’s a YouTuber I follow, her name is Tee, her channel is nappyheadedjojoba, and I freaking love her! She is smart, she is sassy, and her natural hair is to die for!! She is goals! Her channel is real; it makes me feel like I’m catching up with an old friend, and I’m cringing internally because we are making so much noise. I also follow her blog, you can check it out here. Now that I’m done gushing about her (I love her so much guys… okay, now I’m done!), let’s begin!

So nappyheadedjojoba has started a fitness challenge I decided to take up as well. It’s called the #SeptemberSHRED Health and Fitness challenge. It started on the 21st August, and will run till the 1st of October. Watch her video here to check out the rules. For those who don’t have bundles (he he he…), the rules are…

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2 thoughts on “Fitness #Challenge: A Challenge

  1. I also won on the water…but on the working out I’m on level zero. The sugar works bit by bit, even 1 teaspoon less in your coffee a year will equal zero after a few years. That I am conquering


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