Day 20: Three African Destinations I Want to Visit

I can say I’m pretty proud of myself when it comes to travelling around Zimbabwe. I’ve been to Victoria Falls (even went boating), Great Zimbabwe (my sister had her chicken stolen by a baboon… true story), Matopos and Nyanga. I’ve been to the Snake Park, Lion and Cheetah Park, Antelope park, and spent 30 seconds in Hwange. I’ve done pretty well!

Vic Falls
What an amazing boat tour, I highly recommend it to anyone going to Vic Falls!

I’ve even done a bit of touristing in other African countries. I’ve been to Hermanus, even saw a few whales, Malawi, and saw Lake Malawi (then spent the rest of the day cleaning fish… *gag*), and Botswana.

With the Hermanus Whale Crier

I want to venture out more, see more of my continent, and appreciate the beauty that we have. So today, we’re going to talk about the three places in Africa that I would love to visit:


Photo by Javi Lorbada on Unsplash
Photo by Javi Lorbada on Unsplash

I’ve wanted to visit Zanzibar for a while, and my heart still yearns to go. There is so much to do and to see, and I’d want to do it all. I’d do the balloon safari, just because I’m not afraid of heights. I’d want to stay in Matemwe Lodge and enjoy all of this beautiful place.

Beautiful Matemwe Lodge. Source:



Photo by John O’Nolan on Unsplash


Source: Google

I would love to just walk around and take in the beauty of the island, with no honeymoon pressure or newlywed fever. I would be a tourist, and try to be a local as well. *sigh*



Source: Google


Hassan II Mosque


Yes, I’m all for the food!

Morocco? For the food. Casablanca? Because of the movie. My high school friend and I were obsessed with the movie, and my dream was to go there one day. Experience the food. See the glamour and mystery behind it. Of course, pick up a bottle of argan oil (they cook with it!!) as a souvenir.

I’m not through with Zimbabwe though, so for my honourable mentions, I would love to visit Vumba, and spend more than 30 seconds in Hwange. I still have Chinhoyi and Kariba to go to!!

What places in Africa would you love to visit? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.


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