The Quarter Wife

Day 30: We Made it!!

Day 30!! I did not think this day would come, but we’re here! Started from the 1st, now we’re here.

Disclaimer: I will be writing off the cuff, and will publish this unedited, so please excuse the typos and the corny Drake references. I see two already… I’m highly embarrassed… but not really!

Aaaaaand there’s another one. Source: Google

I’m jumping up and down mentally, because I have finished a challenge without too many hiccups. Day 24 gave me a headache, because I messed up with it as I was preparing to publish it and rubbished it completely (no one gave me the English term for kuramwa, so we’ll have to use “rubbished”). I came back to it today because I wanted to look back and say, “Yes! All done!” The pressure of a deadline always keeps me going.

I can safely say I can write about anything. For each topic, I had different angles of writing it, and would settle on the one I liked the most. It’s nice to know that I am a creative being, and creativity never dies, no matter how old you are. I then think what will Donald Glover think of when he’s in his 60s? He’ll probably be as brilliant, if not more than what he is now.

Let me digress… I admire writers… I have come to the conclusion that writers are super-introverts who take out all their energy into their writing. I always think of writers as very shy people who are mistaken for timid… until they start writing. That’s when you see their ferocity, their passion, their brilliance. I digress again and say Stephen King is bawss!!! That man is terrifying! Or so I thought… the interview he once did when I was in grade something… he was a really chilled out guy who loved to read. Then… how does he think of such magnificently frightening stories? I must know!

Fellow writers… I don’t know how I did not hang out with them before! Granted, our “hangout” was Whatsapp, but I got to know them better through their writing (and many messages), than in any other way. It’s amazing how you see a piece of yourself in every person you meet, and that’s how you connect… I saw a bit of myself in everyone. It was great.

How I’m feeling inside right now! All Done!!

Am I doing another challenge soon? NOPE!! I need to recuperate, lol. But I am grateful for this challenge. It has unlocked my love for writing, and has reassured me that I am still pretty good at it.

So, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so every post will be breast-related, Quarter Wife style. Thank you readers for taking this journey with me, and I hope we stick together in the years to come.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.