Where to Get: Great Quality Bras in Harare.

October is breast cancer awareness month. It’s a month that encourages ladies to get to know their breasts, the normal and abnormal, and to go for screening even when they feel fine.

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Another aspect of knowing your breasts is knowing your bra size. It’s been estimated that almost 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. An ill-fitting bra is uncomfortable, especially if you have large breasts. Imagine the stress of  having to adjust it to keep the ladies in, or tugging it here and there to keep the straps in the right position. It’s such a hassle. It is so important to be fitted, and to wear the correct size (and type!) of bra.


Fortunately, in Zimbabwe, we have bra stores that do sizing, fitting, and sell great quality bras.

The Boudoir


Address: Shop 4 Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: 077 657 4379

Website: http://www.theboudoir.co.zw

Source: Facebook

The Boudoir has it all: pyjamas, sexy numbers, even bath and beauty products. What I love about them is that they do fittings along with sizing, and they  have plus-size bras. Their bras are made in the same factory as LaSenza bras (hmmm… LaSenza!). The prices are quite reasonable, but don’t take my word for it… go check them out! It looks like a place you’d want to go to every 6 months!

Orchid Simply Lingerie


Address: Chisi Walk, 15 Shortheath Road
Chisipite, Harare

Tel: 078 372 5123

Website: http://www.orchidundercoverultimates.com

Some of the merchandise in stock.

When I got in touch with (read: PMed) Orchid Simply Lingerie, one of the Orchid Ladies got back to me so promptly. We talked about the shop, and the fact that they do fittings and measurements for bras, swimwear and sports bras. Long story short, I’ll be going there next month to experience how they measure and fit bras. I’m excited, and I will definitely blog about my experience.

Grande Bras


Address: 4 Boscobel Drive west


Some of the merchandise available.

The struggle with being a, erm… well-endowed woman (Hashtag: busty girl problems), is finding a bra that is your size. No double boob phenomenon, no side boob or underboob. Grande Bras take care of you, with their plus size bras. They also do measuring and fittings to make sure the type of bra you’re getting works with your breasts. Say goodbye to constantly  squeezing your boobs back into those ill-fitting cups!



Address: Shop 117-119 Long Chen Plaza
cnr Samora Machel and Mutley Bend
Belvedere, Harare

Tel: 077 275 9236

Website: http://www.aidamarie.com

Some of aïdamarie’s merchandise

aïdamarie is the only African distributor of Marel Lingerie, which is based in Portugal. I looked up Marel Lingerie, and though I did not understand a word of Portuguese, I understood that their lingerie is gorgeous. They also do sizings and fittings. The owner even gave me a mini-tutorial on how to spot an ill-fitting bra, which I will post soon.

Clarita’s Lingerie


Address: Shop 2C, CABS Centre
cnr Jason Moyo & 2nd St

Tel: 073 485 7328

Twitter: @CarolMukwati

Source: Facebook

I spoke to Carol Mukwati, owner of Clarita’s Lingerie, and Carol’s Closet. She’s a real pleasant lady, who knows her craft. The shop offers tentative sizing, and will do fittings for their customers as well, due to differences sometimes in the fit of same sized bras. They offer bras up to G cup, at times F cup. Check them out, or check out her other store below.

Carol’s Closet


Address: Open Haven Complex,
23 Jason Moyo Avenue

 Tel: 077 239 9309
Twitter: @epimatretail

Just like Clarita’s Lingerie, they have a wide variety of bras in sizes up to F-G. They do both sizing and fittings, so you are assured that the bra you have chosen will fit.


These are a few of the bra shops in Harare that will ensure that you (and the girls!) are covered. Have you been to any of these stores? What was your experience? Where else do you go for good bras? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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