The Food of Love: Restaurants in Harare offering Valentine’s Specials.

So… it’s February. And I decided to do a Blogging Challenge, set by Beaton. Check it out here. This one is wild, I mean we can choose whichever topic we want for whatever day we choose, and do whatever we want with it! The power… the POWER!

Ahem. Okay, I’m done.

So… Valentine’s Day! Flowers, candy, presents, restaurants filling up… it’s great! One thing you don’t want to do however, is to wait till the last possible moment to book that table for two, otherwise you’ll be stuck at home. Believe me… I called Mojo’s and they were already fully booked. So I am way behind schedule with this.

Let’s get into this, so you can start booking now!!!


1 Dacomb Drive

Tel: 0782 785 000

Source: Facebook

The Delhi Palace

Sam Levy Village, Borrowdale (Next door to Food Lovers Market)
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 078 390 9775
Source: Facebook

Sorella’s Pizzeria and Cafe

1 Fisher Avenue, Rolf Valley
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 0778 842 016
       0778 842 088
Source: Facebook

Victoria Twenty-Two

If you want to do some pre-Valentine’s celebrating, this is the place for you. Celebrate the season of love and the decade of love in the same night!

22 Victoria Avenue, Newlands,
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 776 429
       0732 222 222
       0733 464 646
Source: Facebook

Antique Rose

Get in touch with them on their Facebook page about the menu, by the time I had published it, it wasn’t out.

72 Golden Stairs Rd
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 0771 021 901
        0785 679 464
Source: Facebook

Chop Chop

Corner Herbert Chitepo & Fife Ave.

Tel: 08677 160 879

Source: Facebook

Other restaurants with Valentine’s day Specials are:

The Bistro:

Alo Alo

Check out their pages for more information.

I’m sure that this list isn’t exhaustive, so please let me know other specials that are happening. Book early, heck, book today, we don’t want another Mojo’s situation (insert embarrassed face here!).

Until next time… your Quarter Wife

6 thoughts on “The Food of Love: Restaurants in Harare offering Valentine’s Specials.

  1. I thought music was the food of love, according to the opening scene of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night or What you will.
    But hey I love what you did with post, now I am hungry and I aint waiting until valentines’ to eat lol


  2. I’m just here going through the menus and the one that’s within my target market is Sorella’s Pizzeria and Cafe which I haven’t been to by the way. Have you been and if yes how was your experience?

    Then again it’s too far…let me stick to Chop Chop and enjoy a cuppa coffee and cake on the day.

    Thanks for the specials hook up, I’ll definitely send this link through to a couple of people.


    1. I haven’t hey. I have a friend who’s eaten there though, and she says it’s amazing. I’m keen to go there now.
      Mmm… cake… cake is for anyday shamwari, not just Valentine’s day! Ha ha, listen to me!!


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