Dining on Local Cuisine… With Your Lover!

Day 2 guys, and I’m sticking with the Valentine’s theme for now, so you can have ideas on what to do.

Today, I’m giving you meal ideas from my favourite Zimbabwean chefs, that you (or your lover, or both of you…) can make for dinner, followed by Netflix and chill. I mean, literally Netflix… I’m giving series suggestions tomorrow.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go out, not everyone can afford to go out. But you can shop for a few ingredients and make a memorable meal together, and bond over the process… then eat however and at whatever time you want.

This is also a mini-shoutout to my fave chefs & fellow bloggers, clink on the links for the recipes. Check out the rest of their blogs as well, you could find another meal you’d want to try:

Fragrant Oxtail Stew

This one is coming from Kudakwashe Makoni, known as the Black Chef. I’ve made this recipe a few times, adding a twist here and there, but each time? Yum! Serve with plain or fancy cheese-stuffed sadza (that’s his recipe too), mashed potatoes, or rice.

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Creamed Spinach

From Chef Thami’s kitchen. It is yummy! I’ve made it twice so far, and it has been my go to meal when I’m feeling fancy, but not so fancy that I wanna spend hours in the kitchen. It goes amazingly well with plain or fried rice (his recipe as well), and potatoes in any way (I once made fondant potatoes. Delicious… but with the way butter prices are set up… eish…).

Traditional Pork Trotters Stew

Rumbie has this on her website, Zimbokitchen.com. Sigh… I’m getting hungry just typing this. If you’re like me and trotters, oxtail, and mazondo are a special occasion meal, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to make it.

My 2 cents? This needs sadza! And ice cold Mazoe Orange crush! Make it a locally themed Valentine’s Day!! Heck, add some covo in that stew, and make it extra special. Local dining at its best.

Chicken with Garlic

Is it ironic that I am making you eat garlic with your lover? Well, once you’ve tried it, you’ll forget that your breath’ll be stinky when you’re done. There are people (like me) who love the smell of garlic, so if you’re one of them, I highly recommend this dish.

Shoutout to Princess Tafadzwa for this recipe, I love it and I will make it many more times!

What about dessert? I mean it’s not a meal for two if you don’t share a yummy sweet thing right? Well, for some of you, I want my own dessert, thanks.

Head over once again to The Black Chef’s Kitchen and make some Malva Pudding. You can never go wrong with Malva Pudding. I haven’t tried this one yet, but when I do, you will know, and my significant other will get nothing!

Me and dessert… what is a great meal without it?

Those who are staying in and cooking, what ideas do you have on the menu? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, your Quarter Wife.

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