Netflix Series I Love to Chill to

Day 3 of the #FEBlog Challenge!

Continuing with Valentine’s Day tips (because if you’re like me, everything has to be planned to the last detail), I’ve compiled a list of series I really liked and I think you would enjoy as well, alone or with your Valentine. I’ve grouped them according to whether I could check out my Twitter feed and still get the story, or whether I had to shut out all distractions and concentrate.

All these series are found on Netflix Africa (if you’re outside Africa, these are included and more), so if you have an account, an internet connection (even Econet bundles work, you just need a lot of data!), and some snacks, you should be sorted:

If you don’t want to concentrate

These series don’t really need much of your attention, they make for a good story, and great background noise if you get distracted:

  1. Jane the Virgin
  2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  3. Queen of the South
  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


If you want to sit in silence

You must listen to the story, get silent snacks, and try not to slurp your drink, or else you will miss something.

  1. Designated Survivor
  2. Shooter
  3. Ozark
  4. Stranger Things


Oldies but goodies

  1. Friends
  2. Mad Men
  3. That 70s Show

There are so many series and movies I can recommend, but these are in one place and all you have to do is click and watch. What series are you watching nowadays? Are they any good? Would you recommend them? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

3 thoughts on “Netflix Series I Love to Chill to

      1. Ive just discovered something called The Shannara Chronicles…. its a bit slow but decent, I bet the book is loads better I should look for it


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