I’ll be Watching the Relationship Olympics, Thanks

I’ve been trying to write this since my last post, and it was not happening the way I wanted, so here is my delayed Day 5 post, now Day 9 post: Dating and Social Media.

Twitter reveals just how old I am, really. I mean, according to the Twitterverse, I am part of #ElderTwittter, which are the 30’s and above… and for sure, I feel old. Especially when it comes to relationships. I look at the relationship tweets and think to myself, “These young whippersnappers! How are they flashing their relationship on the Internet for all to see?” *Grumble Grumble, mumble mumble* as I go to make myself a cup of tea. Yes tea, because coffee will make me hyper in the evening.

Who can compete with the Mikeys and the Rufaros of this earth? Even I, with a nice cute relationship, will not even make it into the World Championships of Relationships, which are meant to see if I’m worthy to go to the Olympics. So, on Valentine’s Day, I am going to sit back, pop some popcorn, eat some chicken I know my bae will surprise me with, and watch the Relationship Olympics on Social Media, HD. Why? Because this oldie is a sucker for romance.

Surprise from bae! #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #lovertings #loveliveshere #relationshipolympics #mayberelationshipcitytournament #willweevenqualify #forgetitlemmeenjoythischicken #toooldforthisshxt #dannygloverthings Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash

Here are some events I’m looking forward to:


Best Boyfriend Threads


Best Girlfriend Threads


Cute Couple Selfie (bonus points for no filters)


Massive Present


The Baecations


The Engagements

So… who’s participating in the Relationship Olympics, so I can root for you? Where are you competing? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Let me know! Who’s going to be watching with me? Which events are you watching this year?

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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