ManeTain Organics: A Review

Lienne Shonhiwa is one of my heroes. I follow her on Twitter & Instagram, I read her blog, and I’ve followed her hair and business journey from (almost) the beginning. She is driven, dedicated, humble, and… I just love her!!

So when she suggested I try out her products, I said yes eagerly! I even offered to write a review for her, no charge, after I used them for a good amount of time. I was real eager guys. If I were to show the amount of emojis, exclamation marks and yay’s I wrote in our conversations… wow. I hide my face just thinking about it.

These are the products I got from her:

Photo courtesy of Lienne Shonhiwa & ManeTain Organics
Photo courtesy of Lienne Shonhiwa & ManeTain Organics

And because I’m a person who likes to compartmentalise things, I decided I’d use the Avocado Butter Hair Balm for my hair, and the Cocoa Butter With Vanilla Essential Oil for my son. He tends to have really dry skin, and I’ve wanted to use a butter-based cream on him.

So! What did I think?

  • Both products

First thing I loved about them both was the mild scent. This was a plus for me because I hate opening a container of hair product and having the smell fill the room, then linger after I’m done using it. I gave away a product I loved because of that.

  • Cocoa Butter With Vanilla Essential Oil

I used it a few times on my son’s skin and loved the outcome. I usually have to re-apply his lotion because his skin soaks it up and gets dry again. But this kept his skin moisturised throughout the day. It worked well for him. So well, in fact, that my sister stole it, and hasn’t given it back. My review ends here, unfortunately.

  • Avocado Butter Hair Balm

I will say this right now: If you are used to whipped concoctions, soufflés, and twisting creams, you will have a hard time using this the first few times. The first time I used it, I treated it like my favourite product: scraped out a dollop, rubbed it through my fingers, and applied it on wet hair. Big. Mistake. It was a mess. I had product clumps in my hair, and they wouldn’t melt because my hair was so wet. It took an extra hour to finish twisting my hair. But I finally finished. The twist out came out so nice, but my hair had crunchy parts because the product was applied unevenly.


Fortunately, the crunchy parts weren’t noticeable…
The twists that took me forever to finish, because I was trying to remove product from my hair… *sigh*


Do not be like the Quarter Wife.

The next time I used it, my sister was cornrowing my hair. She’s the hair super-guru, and when I wanted to make the same mistake, she looked at me sideways and said, “No, your hair is too wet. Just wait.” So I waited. I noticed she would rub the butter between her palms and then rub it into my damp hair. It worked so well. And when I took down the cornrows for my next wash day, which was after two weeks, my hair was still very moisturised.

I finally understood how to use it, and when I did my hair next (for de Bleck Pentha), this time, I lightly blow-dried my hair until it was almost dry, then I applied the balm. I scooped out a bit, rubbed it through my hands till it melted, and applied it. It glides down your hair strands if you do that. After that, I twisted my hair. If I tell you that my twist-out the next day was BOOOOOMB!! you wouldn’t believe me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture either, so you’ll have to take my word for it. My wash day is this weekend, and my hair is still very moisturised. We’re almost at two weeks now.

In conclusion, both products are really great. Make sure you take my advice to apply it on damp, not wet, hair and to let it melt in your hands before you apply.

Get these products at:
Kenlink Avondale, Borrowdale, Avicena Gunhill, Groombridge
Tanaya Pharmacy, Newlands
Medix Angwa Pharmacy
Baines Avenue Pharmacy
Whitecross Pharmacy, Borrowdale Trauma
Afrokink Natural Hair Salon
Freddie’s Hair Stylists
ISU Collections

Have you tried ManeTain Organics products? Which is your favourite? Let me hear from you!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

4 thoughts on “ManeTain Organics: A Review

  1. I think this account followed me at some point and I followed them right back because I love all things natural hair! I’m glad you enjoyed their product; I’m tempted to give them a try. Anything that keeps my hair happy and moisturised; I’m in 🙂

    A very informative piece, love it!


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