Favourite Thing #1: Sushi

My earliest memory of sushi was when I was younger, maybe around Grade 3 or 4; one of my close friends was Korean. She would invite our little group of friends to her house sometimes, and her mother would make us sushi each time we played at her house. She would even sneak a few sheets of the seaweed, and we’d act all fancy, snacking on them while watching TV. Looking back now, I realise we probably weren’t having sushi, but gimbap which is a Korean seaweed roll, but the experience was amazing nonetheless.

Fast forward to my elective. I spent 6 weeks in Cape Town. My mentor who was hosting me took me to Cape Town Fish Market, and seeing the sushi menu took me back to my childhood, my friend and our fancy afternoons chewing on seaweed sheets and “sushi”. So, of course, I got sushi! And almost burned my nostrils off because I put too much wasabi. Yowza…

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Fast forward to last week… I got myself sushi at Fishmonger and I loved it!!

So… sushi is not just food to me. It’s comfort food, it takes me back to where friendship was simple and food was a means to bond. It represents love and unity to me. And I’m so happy I can enjoy it here in Zim.

Here are a few places that have sushi:


Like I said, I loved their sushi, so yummy! I made the mistake of putting too much wasabi again, but I’m sure I’ll get used to the burnt nostril feel.

They only have sushi from Wednesday onwards, so keep that in mind when you have a craving.

Address: 50 East Road, Belgravia
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: 04 308 164

Oh So Sushi

I have not been there yet, but this is the next place I’m going to try. One of my fellow bloggers loved the sushi and recommended it. I trust her judgment, and I can’t wait to experience it for myself!

Address: Queen of Hearts Cafe
1 Hurworth Road
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: 0784 156 396

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is another place to check out if you really want your sushi fix!!

Address: Stand 3, Sam Levy Entertainment Centre
Sam Levy’s Village
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: 04 852 189


I love Shangri-La’s food, but I have not tried their sushi. Frankly, because I really had no interest in trying it; I was okay with their Chinese menu. But I’ll give it a go now.

Address: 155 Enterprise Road
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: 04 443 263

If you’re not too keen on going over there and ordering, they are all available on the Munch app, just order and they deliver!

What other places serve sushi? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife

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