Favourite Thing #8: Alcoholic Beverages

I know of certain people who love their alcohol. I, personally, like it as a friend. I’m a true social drinker; I’ll only have an alcoholic beverage at a party, wedding, or after a very long day, and a bubble bath is waiting for me at home. Today is my social drinking day. It’s been a rough week, I am mentally and physically drained, and everything within me is screaming:


It’s WINE O’CLOCK!! Photo by Zachariah Hagy on Unsplash


Wine is my alcohol of choice, but I will have a cocktail here and there. I like sweet and colourful drinks (owing to my raging sweet tooth), so cocktails satisfy that part of me. Here are the beverages I like, along with a short recipe if you want to make it at home (All images below on Pixabay)

Strawberry Daiquiri




Long Island Ice Tea




These are the four cocktails you can be assured I’ll order, and I’ll rarely try anything else. I’m a loyal friend. I’ve been branching out and trying wine-based cocktails like sangrias and spritzers, though. I had a cherry mint wine spritzer recently that I loved, and I’m willing to try again.

Queen Thrifty is a blogger I follow, and she has themed cocktail recipes that I’m keen to try. Here are a few of them:

“Kinetic”: A Black Panther Inspired Cocktail

“War”: A Marvel Avengers Infinity War Themed Cocktail

Fresh Takes on the Classic Margarita

Since today is Friday, and Zoolander will be on, I’m planning on breaking out that old trusty bottle of red wine, pour myself a glass, and snuggle up with a blanket while laughing at the old old silly movie.

That Hansel… he’s so hot right now!

What’s your plan for Friday? Staying in or going out? Enjoy yourselves, drink responsibly, and have a designated driver, taxi number, or if you have it, an Uber nearby.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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