Favourite Thing #9: Gel Manicure

As I am typing this, my nails are a scraggly mess. I last had them done about two weeks ago for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding, and they’re desperately in need of a touch-up.

Past me would have side-eyed present me for even talking about a manicure.

You see, if I had a superpower, it would be the ability to destroy a manicurist’s hard work within a week. I would be named the Mangler of Manicures, Nemesis of Nails, Annihilator of Acrylic. Name a type of manicure, and I have single-handedly chipped, broken, smudged or chewed it off one way or another. Artificial nails? They broke off. The regular manicure? I managed to chip it within 24 hours and then scraped it off a few days after. The acrylic dipping what not what not? I peeled it off two days later after it hit the light the wrong way, and I couldn’t handle how it distracted me. I had resigned to clear nail polish or none at all.

Enter the gel manicure.

Gelish, to be exact because the reason my nails are a scraggly mess right now is that I managed to chew and chip off part of the gel manicure I have now. Do not judge me… if anything, if you want to advertise a long-lasting manicure, I am the very person to call. If it lasts, you know it’s legit!

Look how pretty!! Pity they only lasted two weeks… it’s still way better than my one-week shenanigans. Picture by me!

So, back to what I was saying. Enter the gel manicure.

This was the first manicure that lasted past a week. I wrote all about itย here. I went for another one because my nails had grown out. No other reason. It survived a constant onslaught of work, playing with my kid, typing, working out, and other crazy tomboy woman/wife/mom things.

The second one I had was at Glow Day Spa. Again, it lasted 3 weeks, and the only chip I had was when I somehow managed to saw off a chunk of my nail polish while cutting vegetables. First of all, my nails were too long, and they hindered the aforementioned tomboy woman/wife/mom things. It was a happy dilemma, because the fact that my nails grew that long really said something about the staying power of that manicure.

So… I am sold on the Gelish gel manicure. I have finally found the Neutraliser of the Nail-Destroyer. I will, however, keep my nails short, and I’ll try more colours to prettify these tomboy’s hands!

You can get gel manicures done at most day spas and salons. A word of advice: the UV lamps are a monster! If the nail stylist uses the UV lamps that don’t turn off after a short time, I recommend a layer of sunscreen on your hands before the manicure. You will need loads of hand cream after, and keep up with your water intake because it can dry your hands.

Are you a manicure/pedicure person? What type do you like? How long does it last for you? May the less than one week people speak up so I don’t feel so weird? Let’s talk in the comments.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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