Favourite Thing #12: Oils

Ah yes… the naturalista journey! Does anyone remember the first few months of giddiness, watching numerous YouTube videos and fancying yourself a little alchemist/mixologist/product producer? Yes, that was me. YouTube and natural hair blogs were my friends, mixing up concoctions were going to be my pastime, and coconut oil was supposed to be my magic elixir, just like all the YouTube naturalistas.


I was ready for coconut oil to work its magic! Source: Google


Only… coconut oil wasn’t the magic elixir for my hair.

It made my hair dry and gave it this… tswiki-tswiki type texture. Ugh! Major natural hair setback, I thought. I wasn’t going to have the Afro tresses proudly brought to me by coconut oil! I had an existential crisis. If my hair hated coconut oil…then who am I? What am I? So I went in search of the magic elixir for my hair.

I have not found it yet, but I do have three oils that I’m loving so far in my natural hair journey. I think it’s been over 2 years using these oils, and they come through for me every time. I’ll be talking about my personal experience with them, how I use them and why I use them the way I use them.

Olive oil


Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash


I bought olive oil almost a year into my natural hair journey because I wanted to make a honey-olive oil deep conditioner. I never made it, and I used it as a hot-oil treatment/pre-poo instead. I loved the way it made my hair so soft and manageable after. I learnt after that olive oil is a penetrating oil, meaning it penetrates the hair shaft, and can temporarily fill in gaps in the hair cuticles. Since it does this, your hair doesn’t absorb more water than what is necessary. It’s great for high-porosity hair. I’ve been hooked since then, and I use it for detangling as well.

Avocado Oil


Source: Pixabay


If I were to call an oil my magic elixir, it would be avocado oil. It’s a heavy-ish oil, so it’s wonderful for detangling. I mix it with a bit of olive oil, and my tangles practically slip away. It’s also a penetrating oil, so it’s great for high porosity hair, oil treatments, and if you’re into pre-pooing.

Jojoba Oil


Source: Google


On second thought… this would be my magic elixir. I don’t know what jojoba oil does to my hair, but all I can say is that it’s magic. I use this oil for my ends and my scalp, after applying a little bit of Dax Hair Grower on my scalp. You see, my scalp is very dry, and I’ve tried it all: the water only washing method, which is meant to help your scalp secrete more sebum. That didn’t work, and I ended up with a flaky mess of a scalp instead of one full of sebum. I tried scalp massages, and they only managed to make my scalp greasy with some remnant of an itch. Enter Dax and Jojoba oil. I have no idea how I started using it for my scalp… no, actually I do! A fellow naturalista recommended it for a dry scalp, and my desperate self bought it. I had some jojoba oil left and decided to seal in the moisture after.  It’s worked so well; my scalp stays nice and moisturised, and itch-free till my next wash day, which is usually 2 weeks.

Jojoba oil is not an oil, per se, but a wax which has a structure close to the sebum on our scalp. That is why it moisturises my scalp so well. I love it!


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


I wrote a post on where to get hair products and oils in Zimbabwe. If you know of any other places I didn’t add, let me know so I add the places to my list.

What are your favourite oils? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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