Favourite Thing #14: Travelling

This is me when I travel. I pack my bag an hour before we leave. I’ll have Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away on repeat, because it’s my travelling hype song. The usual travel loss of appetite ruins my stomach. Other than that, I’ll be ready to go, my travel plans are usually sorted months before I go. I make sure everything is a well-oiled machine.

I love to travel. To just get away, unwind in a new location, eat new things, drink new drinks, see old friends, and meet new ones. I don’t do it as much as I’d want to, but when I do, I make the most of it! Behind all the fun though, is a regimented preparation programme that makes sure that I do not stress when travelling day comes.

Book Flights >1 month Before

I come from a family of cheapskates, I married one… and I am one too! So if I am to travel, I must have the dates at least two/three months before, and I book the tickets then. They will be real reasonable, and the cool thing is, if you decide to change the tickets, the fee is quite minimal. Just don’t do it a few weeks before, you’ll pay through the nose.

Book Accommodation around the same time

I think I lucked out here. I booked our accommodation using Hotels.com, and the place we had been looking at had a special where the price was almost half of the original price!

I also don’t book hotels. I’d rather have a self-catered apartment. The rates are more reasonable, and when I don’t feel like takeout, I can cook something. It kind of is a home away from home.

Work Arrangements

I always make sure that someone is there to cover me at least a month before, usually around the time I book accommodation. If you need to apply for leave, do it fast, because the worst thing you need is bureaucracy driving you crazy. Hand it in, get it approved in time, and if you need to leave instructions, do it as soon as you need.


If you’re like me, and get overwhelmed by stores, make a list. Even better, look online at the stores you’re thinking of visiting, get a rough idea of what you’d wanna get and note it down. It makes shopping less daunting, and you will have time for the fun stuff.

Home Arrangements

I make sure the house is spotless. All plugs and lights switched off, laundry done the day before, a simple meal that needs little washing up after. I practically disinfect the entire house, because there is nothing as annoying as coming back and having to deal with leftover things. Everything is bolted closed. Perishables are either eaten the night before, or stuffed into the freezer. And, if I’m gone for more than two weeks, get a trusted relative to pass by and check on things.

Transport to and From The Airport

This one is no big deal really; you can never not get taxis, and in places with Uber/Lyft/etc, you’ll never really be stranded. Just make sure to have the appropriate form of payment available, so you don’t get stranded for real. If a relative or friend is dropping you off, please ask them at least two weeks before so they can be prepared.

So here we go… the Type A Personality’s Guide on Travelling! I kid, but yes, when you are planning on going on a trip, to save money and stress, plan way ahead.

What other tips did I leave out? Let me know in the comments and let’s make our holidays more enjoyable.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.


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