Favourite Thing #15: Shopping

Scratch that, online shopping!

I have been away for a while, and did quite a bit of shopping. Achy muscles and fulfilling my 10 000 steps daily later, I have realised that I hate shopping. With every fibre of my being. I kind of disliked it before, but now I can happily say that shopping is not my thing. The anxiety of racks and racks of clothes. Finally finding something that is remotely what you like, and the price scares you away, or you can’t find the size. Wishing you could curl up into a little ball of despair and cry but you can’t, because you’re in a shop, and the sale rack must be explored.


This is why I like shopping online. No crowds, no crazy racks of clothing. You don’t get lost in malls. Your size is almost always there. My dear bank decided to ruin my life (and my online shopping addiction) by making me have to ask permission before using it online… so now it’s my guideline to go in and out without having to spend crazy hours in a shop.

For those who can do whatever they want with their cards, here are some great online shopping websites I frequent.


Of course this had to be first! This website was a huge help for me when I was shopping for Christmas and birthday presents for my friends and relatives in the USA. Just make sure you have their address, that they’ll be home, and you’re sorted. Another tip: if you have a relative who comes to Zim frequently, you can ask them to bring whatever shopping you have done. Make sure they’re a close relative/friend, you don’t ever wanna be THAT person.

Amazon does ship some things to Zimbabwe, but I’m not sure of the shipping costs.


Another website I love. I buy little knick-knacks and gadgets that cost a bomb in here. I’m super-cheap, as I alluded to in my last post, so I only get the things with free shipping, lots of orders, and good-ish reviews. You will wait and wait for your order though, so make sure it’s not something that you need urgently.


The thing with having family and friends all around the world is that online shopping becomes your go-to when it comes to presents. Last year, I got my mom something for Mother’s Day using the Woolworth’s website, and I was not disappointed (the guard at her complex disappointed me instead. He forgot all about the present, and gave it to her way later). So this is now my go to for some cute things for my South African people.

Mr Price

I go there for cheap shoes. I am a pumps person (yes, even the infamous black pump), so the selection of pumps I find there is great.


Disclaimer to Zim customers: Unless you have someone who’ll pay your bill who is outside Zim, don’t bother with this one. They don’t ship to or accept payments from Zimbabwe.

I stumbled upon this website when I had gone down the vortex that is YouTube. ThredUP is a trap guys… don’t go there if you don’t intend to spend money. It’s a fancy bhero (consignment store). I loved this website because it has exact clothes measurements, so you don’t have to worry about ill-fitting clothes even though you can’t try them on. Not only that, they have the craziest clearance sales. Sorry Zim guys, disclaimer above. I lucked out and bullied asked my brother to pay there for me, and have them ship to him. His suitcase was full, and he was mad at me for days, but I gave him his money back and he liked me again.


Source: stevepb on Pixabay


So that is me and shopping! Do you like to shop? Online or going there physically? Let’s talk in the comments.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

3 thoughts on “Favourite Thing #15: Shopping

  1. I used to love to shop. Now…I hate it. It does nothing but bring back memories of the “before time,” and it makes me so incredibly sad, I can hardly function. I race back to my car and into the confines of my comfortable house, where I’m safe….from everybody and everything.


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