Favourite Thing #16: Perfume

The first perfume I remember getting was a little sample of CKone from… somewhere. It was released when I was 10, and I was about 11 when I got that sample. I will forever love that perfume. My taste has obviously matured, but I will always remember having that perfume.

The next one I remember getting was Tommy Girl. My dad got it for me as a Christmas present, and I was so excited about it. My dad, like I said before, is quite the cheapskate, but there are things that he will splurge on, no matter the price. One is jeans. He always stresses the importance of having a durable pair of jeans, and price should never deter your choice. The other is perfume. I think it’s the same thinking, that designer perfumes last longer, so the price shouldn’t deter you.

That started a Christmas tradition that goes on to this day. Everyone else gets to be creative, but my dad brings the perfume. He usually walks into a store and asks for the latest releases, so I have tried a wide variety of perfumes. I have a few firm favourites that, when I can splurge on perfume, I get for myself:

  • J’Adore


Source: Google


  • Beautiful


Source: Google


  • Cinema


Source: Google


  • Black Opium


Source: Google


  • Coco Mademoiselle


Source: Google


  • La Vie est Belle


Source: Google


  • Light Blue


Source: Google


These perfumes have funny stories behind them that I might tell one day.

What are your favourite perfumes? Let me hear from you in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

4 thoughts on “Favourite Thing #16: Perfume

  1. I’m a fellow fragrance lover for sure. I’ve just come off BOSS Feel good summer and am currently using L’eau bleue d’Issey. I love woody fragrances and I believe they work best for me. Cologne is an investment in my opinion.


  2. I thought I was the only one who loved fragrances but clearly we are many! Unfortunately I don’t like J’adore AT ALL. Something about the scent makes me feel nauseous. I love anything by YSL because each time I go fragrance hunting I always try out the testers and never buy because I’m not yet the target market! LOL. D&G is to die for! I have no complaints here 🙂

    I agree with your dad by the way. No point in investing in cheap quality jeans when you can buy the best and have them for years to come.

    I once wrote an entire post about my favourite perfumes and the memories that come with them. You can check it out here:



    1. He was right… cause I used that to my advantage, lol. Even now, I won’t just buy jeans or perfume, I’d rather save my money and buy one pair of great quality jeans, or a great perfume that I know will last.

      Girl, J’adore is my perfume!! My love for it was confirmed when a nurse walked past me one day and I smelled it. I practically chased her down to know the name. And it was J’adore! I’ll make sure not to wear it when we’re together. Ha ha ha… that’s the funny story behind J’adore!


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