Favourite Thing #20: Food

This post is dedicated to HeyAnci, who wrote the most astute thing today in one of our many group discussions:

You can’t be an undercover foodie. You are just a foodie! You can’t hide the stars in your eyes when food catches your eye, and the first stages of drool making its way and the “I am excited” heartbeat.


Remember when I said I was a cheapskate? Not when it comes to food. I will splurge on good food, and I will feel no guilt at all. I like good food. I like eating it. I don’t have a particular type of food I like. If it tastes good, I’ll eat it. Spicy food, traditional food, Michelin-star type food, I will eat it.

Lately, I’ve been trying out more places for lunch and dinner (because  food), and I have pinpointed a few meals I love and will go for over and over again:

5 Spice Oxtail at Amanzi

*insert uncontrollable laughter*

Erm, sorry. Yes, that oxtail is amazing, succulent, juicy, you’ll come back for more… and more!

Address: 158 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare
Tel: (+263 4) 497768 (from 9am)
Mobile/Cell: (+263)(0)772 336 224

Chicken Salad, Crumbed Fillet Burger, and Alechi Peri Peri Chicken at Alechi

Okay, as you can see, this is my joint. I love it. Their food is so good and reasonably priced. This is not food you can finish alone. Yes, even the chicken salad; I sometimes get it for lunch, and have to set it aside and finish it later on in the day.

Address: Corner Woodholme and Golden Stairs Road, Harare
Tel: +263 77 936 4640

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken and Mushroom at Pariah State

I have a weakness for pasta. So, of course, I was going to have pasta on my birthday. What an excellent choice I made choosing this pasta dish from Pariah State. I didn’t have to play hide and seek with the mushrooms, the chicken was so moist, and the pasta was amazing (granted it was penne pasta and not fettuccine; I’ll forgive them). I enjoyed every bite!

Address: Shop 7 Riverside Walk, King George Road, Avondale, Harare
Tel: 04 332 535

The Giant Spring Roll at Kow Lee

Chinese food… yum! Especially the noodles!! I can’t say I like only one place. I’m in love with the food at Shangri-La in Chisipite (even the one in Bulawayo, it’s really good), Great Wall and Wonderful Restaurant. I pinpointed this one because of their spring rolls! I remember we used to go there with my friends at varsity when we felt like splurging. It was fun and we bonded over those big spring-rolls.

Address: Shamrock House, King George Road, Avondale, Harare
Tel (04) 302 671

Soon, I’ll be satisfying my steak cravings at some other restaurants around Harare. I’m hoping to add them to this list too.

So, which places make food that makes you want to sing with joy? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.


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