Favourite Thing #21: Face Stuff

Face stuff. That’s what I call all my face skincare products. I’m no beauty blogger by any stretch of the imagination, so I have no idea what they’re really called. All I know is that I use them and I have to be very careful about what I use.

I have very sensitive skin; for this reason, when I get a combination of facial products that work for me, I hold on to them and I never let go. I’ve had a struggle with getting moisturisers for the longest time. Recently, I stumbled upon Skin Creamery and Naturals Beauty. I have no idea how it happened… it just did. I went through their website, I liked the way their products sounded, so I got them. The main thing that caught my attention was the fact that they were oil-based products. My skin gets so dry in winter, and I needed something that was going to help me seal in moisture and not clog up my skin (I tried coconut oil like the naturalista I was. It was a hot mess. Never again). So here are the moisturisers along with the other skincare products I am using and loving:


Picture by me!

Yes, good old African black soap. I make it into a liquid by dissolving it into purified water and use it as a liquid face wash. This slab cost me $11 at Evenhand Cosmetics, and I’ve had it since February. It lasts for a long time! Click here to get her Harare and Bulawayo addresses.

Day Cream

Excellent day cream.
Loving it so far!

I use these in combination because the Skin Creamery one provides the moisture and the Body Shop one provides the sunscreen. I’m very prone to sun-damage, so sunscreen, whether summer or winter, is my friend. The everyday cream I got from the Beautiful Store (online), and I got the Moisture Lotion from the Body Shop.

Night Cream

Picture by me!

I love how this night cream feels on application. It really keeps my skin moisturised. I got it from the Beautiful Store, online.

Face Scrub + Face Brush

Love these little things!

So… these products are meant to be part of your normal face washing routine. But… I have sensitive skin, and using them together is like washing my face with a scouring pad. So I relegated them both to scrubbing duty. I use the face brush almost every day though, but when it’s exfoliation time, I use the cleansers. I got this from Amazon, and it was on special.


Bonus: I have a little tub of Bentonite clay I use for my fortnightly masks (okay, in theory. I actually use it whenever I remember). I use this recipe, which is really good for my sensitive skin so far.

I think I’m winning with the skincare. I’ve been told how my skin looks refreshed, and have been asked what I use. Now you know!

What face products are you using? How are they working for you? Let me know in the comments!!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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