Favourite Thing #10: Natural Hair

There was no way I was not going to include my natural hair in the countdown. For me this was a true journey of learning and self-discovery; it makes sense how it is a natural hair journey. For me, it wasn’t just knowing that hard mashona and mufushwa hair can actually be taken care of without straightening or relaxing it, it was learning that I could wash it and style it myself as well. That was a moment for me! I could go to the salon when I wanted to, not because my hair was a mess and I needed to.

Now, I know not many people are keen on learning how to style their hair or have two left hands. The struggle then comes with stylists who aren’t keen on learning how to care for natural hair and frown at you, or subtly suggest relaxing it. Fortunately, there are stylists who are taking time to learn how to care for natural hair, and even taking over from their client in detangling, washing and drying it in sections, and handling it gently as natural hair should.

Below is a list of natural hair salons and naturalista-approved stylists. If you are particular about your hair, these may be the people to go to. As I only have one head, I based this list off of recommendations of fellow naturalistas. Have a look, and know that you are covered.

Natural Hair Salons and Mobile Stylists in Zimbabwe

I’ll be updating the list regularly, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on Twitter (@quarter_wife), Facebook (the Quarter Wife), or if you’re in the award-winning Facebook group Zimbabwe Naturals (Hair Maintenance), you can always reply to my calls for salons.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.


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