My Mommy Blogger Tribe (in my head)

Mother’s Day has come and gone. We have celebrated our mothers, remembered those no longer with us, and shown love to those who have played a motherly role in our lives. I also want to take a little bit of time to celebrate a group of people who have played a huge role in my life, and I will make sure they know how much I appreciate them.

You see, I happen to be THAT type of parent. One who will look for other people’s thoughts on a product before I buy it. Or will look for someone’s personal experience with a product, so I can be confident with it. That is how I discovered the world of mommy bloggers. I love mommy bloggers guys, they make my life so easier. They’re like the guinea pig I never wanted to be, the sage when it comes to parenting. I consulted blogs when I wanted to know which diapers are great, how to pack my hospital bag. I looked up articles on baby clothes, the best shoes (even the best undies for potty training! I was a woman possessed!), and I got such useful information.

I singled out the ones below, because I relate to their blogs more, and I know if I plan ahead, I can meet a few of them on one of my trips to Joburg (yes… #groupiethings). They truly are my mommy blogger tribe (In my head of course).

Take a look at their blogs, soak in their wisdom, give them a follow on social media, and subscribe to their blogs, you will not regret it.

1. The Rookie Parent Society

My own Quarter Wife introduced me to this blog, and I loved it instantly. A bit hesitantly at first honestly, because I was a newlywed at the time, I was not thinking of going over parenting blogs. Those were for old people, and Pinterest-perfect people. Of which I was none. I started reading it, and I was hooked. I read them, and I think, “Okay, I may not have all the answers, but I have people who’ll help me find them.” They’re like the support group you need to get through parenting.

One of my favourite posts: Dear Parent, Do What You Can

2. Mom of Two Little Girls

I related with her as well, because she’s Zimbabwean, living in the diaspora. First it was in South Africa, and now in the UK. This is the story of a lot Zim mothers, and it made me think of all my fellow Zimbabweans who are out of their beloved nation, and sometimes just need someone who relates.

One of my favourite posts: I Was There To Say Goodbye

3. Tyranny of Pink

Her story is personal to me in a strange way. Working with ill mothers in my Obstetric rotations, I never really got to see their journey past their fight to stay alive. I still think of one mom I manually ventilated when the ICU ventilator packed out suddenly till she started breathing on her own. The next day she was discharged from ICU and I never saw her again. I do wonder if she ever wrote her experience, and how it felt to be alive. This is why I love Jonelle’s blog. It is raw, it is real, it takes no prisoners, and she celebrates life unapologetically.

One of my favourite posts: Looking back over the year that was – today, we celebrate!

4. Modern Zulu Mom

I ran into her blog on Twitter, during the SA Mommy Blogger Awards Twitter feed. She won the Best Parenting Blog award, and I decided to follow her off of that. I love the fact that she too is a working mom, does not claim to have all the answers, and her experiences sound so similar to mine, I feel like I am reading my life. She also has great advice to help you strive towards being the one who “has it all”. Though if you feel you don’t have it together, that’s okay too.

One of my favourite posts: The Lesson I’m Learning from not Having a Balance

5. Candice Brathwaite

Hers is not a blog, per se, more of a space where she can share her content. I had to add her here though because again, I have found a person who is me. I was introduced to her by a friend who started reading her blog since it started. He’s seen the evolution to what it is now. Though I’m a latecomer (and I’m still searching for the cakes!), I relate so hard to her writing, the part of her personality that she brings out in her writing, and the emotions she allows us to see in the writing. I sit, and read, and think, “Wow, I feel you girl.” I’ve barely scratched the surface of her writing, but the little I’ve read, I love.

My favourite post so far: Let the Tooth Be Told


Source: Pixabay


So, who are your favourite mommy bloggers? Let me know in the comments, so I can check them out as well.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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