Where to Get: Knitting Stuff

Winter is here, and my Quarter Wife is probably mad at me right now because I haven’t started on her booties and beanie. I have been promising to knit them for her since March, and I’m still twiddling my fingers (erm… blame it on the blog? Yes? No? No). I have no one to blame myself, I’ve been lazy and procrastinating.

Why, yes! I do knit! I learnt from my mother, who learnt from her mother. It’s fun when I’m with my mom, grandmother and sister. We sit together and knit or crochet while catching up on each other’s lives. It is such a great way to bond.

Now… back to why I’ve been lazy and procrastinating. I’ve had the excuse that there are no knitting stores in Zimbabwe. I remember this little knitting store in Bulawayo I’d get my knitting supplies from, but I never bothered to find out if the same existed in Harare. Now that my Quarter Wife is bugging me (and giving me many telepathic side-eyes), I decided to go hunting, so I know where to go for my knitting supplies.

If you’re like me, and have a knitting order backlog, here are some places you can go to:



Image from Facebook


Address: The Hub, 14 Hindhead ave, Chisipite Harare

Tel: (04) 495 772
0772 211 697

The Yarn Barn


Address: Chisipite Shops, above Porto’s Takeaway

Tel: 0783 176 786

Mount Pleasant Fashions

Address: Bond Street Shopping Centre, 51 Bond Street, Mount Pleasant, Harare

Tel: (04) 304 713
0712 612 345

Fellow knitters/crocheters, where are you getting your wool, knitting/crochet needles? Let me know in the comments, I have projects that need finishing!!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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