Surviving Winter, Part 1: Bedding

As I’m writing this, it is chilly and windy in Harare, and I’m debating leaving my comfy blanket to make myself a cup of tea. Winter is unpredictable in Zim, from warm days in one part to snow in other parts (I was born in Gweru, so I know snowy winters!). No matter how bad or good your winter may be, it is great to always be prepared. In comes your Quarter wife with your Winter Survival Guide!! I have divided it into 3 parts, because the info is so much, so we will start with bedding today.

Where, fellow Zimbabweans, can you get winter linen? I have the answers for you.

Just Bedding

They have quite a good selection of bedding. They have Goldair electric blankets for Queen and King size, lined faux fur throws, and mink blankets for Queen and King size. Their prices are on their Facebook page . They also make linens to order, winter sheets and duvet covers, prices ranging from $35-60, depending on size. Their duvet covers range from $30-55. Their fabric choices change weekly, so at the time of ordering, they do let you know what fabrics are in stock.

Contacts: 0774 394 239, 0732 394 239


Habitat Interior

They also stock winter sheets, in white flannelette. flat/fitted, their prices ranging from about $38 for double-$48 for king size, and slightly cheaper for fitted sheets. They also sell cute collectibles that’ll brighten up your home. Check them out on Facebook. They also stock Feather Comfort products, so you’ll be warm and toasty this winter.

Address:  15 York Ave, Newlands, Harare

Tel: 0778844655 (Sally)


Feather Comfort

If you love feather and duck down duvet inners and pillows, then this is the place for you. Feather duvet inners are so warm, and they are real handy for the frosty nights.

Where to find them:


Manhattan Interiors (Website)

Sam Levy’s Village

Tel: 0772 292  130 (Tracy)

Habitat Interiors

Inner Living Interiors– Chisi Walk, 15 Shortheath Rd

Tel: 0783 106 505 (Tracey)

0736 440 612 (Brian)


The Orange Elephant 0772 327 422 (Jenny Duff)


0772 315 277 (Carrie Basson)


Ripe Fig

0775 058 494  (Kim)



Great selection at great prices, that’s all I can say about this place. They do it all, winter sheets, feather duvet inners and pillows, and comforters. They have a pretty good kids selection too, to keep your kiddies warm (that is, if they stay in the blankets!!). They are making way for promotions, so it would be good to check out their website regularly for them.

5 Spurrier Road
New Ardbennie

Samantha Dumba

I stumbled upon her, while doing my research on this post, and got a hold of her. She makes winter sheets to order, ranging from $30-40 depending on size. Send her a message on Facebook, she answers promptly, or call her on 0776 401 597.


And here we go!! This list is by no means exhaustive, so I wanna hear whom you have bought from so I can add to my list. Leave a comment below, or get in touch with me on my Facebook page. Until then, I’ll be preparing my next part: Looking cute in Winter.

Until next time… Your Quarter Wife.





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