It’s Been a While… Plus Some Overdue Shoutouts.

I am back! I have many excuses as to why I have not been around for almost 6 weeks!

  • My computer broke down & went in for repairs.
  • I hate writing blogs on my phone.
  • An inordinate amount of family gatherings.
  • Elections
  • Post-elections
  • The dog ate my homework… maybe? I don’t know…

The problem with excuses is that no matter how genuine they are, you get so comfortable using the excuses to justify not doing a thing. As did I. But now, thanks to my fellow bloggers, and blog ideas swirling in my head, I am ready to go again. I will admit, the break was great. Even… mildly refreshing.

So let’s get this backlog out of my head and onto paper, shall we?

The Overdue Shoutouts

I’m embarrassed to say when I did this, it’s been that long, so we’ll say… it was a family member’s birthday (*cough cough*). He’s an avid Chelsea fan, and loves stealing my jackets, so I decided to go all out and roped in my fellow Zimbos to help me out.

Kravings Baking

Everyone loves cake, right? Yep, they do! So I ordered a Chelsea cake from Kravings Baking. It was red velvet with caramel frosting, his absolute favourite. When I collected it, I literally screamed. Maybe I squealed, I don’t really remember. It was gorgeous… how gorgeous is this?

Look at this! Look at this?? How gorgeous is this? Picture by me.

The cake was so delicious as well! Oh my gosh… I regretted having one stomach and not four like cows have. You start to curse your body for sending an “I’m full” signal. It was divine.

So yes, shoutout to Kravings Baking for such excellent cakes.

Check her out on Instagram: @kravingsbaking and Twitter: @AfricanFlamingo

Wes Magoo Apparel

I really just heard of him on Twitter and Instagram, and took a chance on him. The best chance ever! His hoodies are of such amazing quality, they are so warm, and the logos are perfectly replicated. I didn’t take a picture of the final product, so you’ll have to believe me when I say it was really nice.

Check out his work on Instagram: @wesmagooapparel & Twitter: @WesleyMagoo

Get in touch on 0773 157 004

Address: Cnr Angwa and South Ave, Daventry House, Room 202

He can deliver sometimes, just confirm when placing your order.

The Happy Kitchen ZW

For dinner, I made this Chicken Carbonara recipe I got from a fellow blogger of mine. Side note: I got the Parmesan cheese and butter at a (relatively) reasonable price at Arundel TM Pick & Pay. I will tell you now that the meal is delicious. I was upset I got full. And even more upset that my leftovers were eaten up the next day.

I’m no plating genius, but you must admit this looks gorgeous, right? Picture by me.

Follow The Happy Kitchen ZW for more great meal ideas.

Any more businesses I should check out? Or bloggers I should follow? I would love to know and give you feedback on them.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

3 thoughts on “It’s Been a While… Plus Some Overdue Shoutouts.

  1. Glad to have you back!

    There’s nothing that puts a smile on my face as much as reading through your post and realising that I know all the people you mentioned. They are doing amazing things and thank you for supporting 🙂


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