Where to Get: Free/Low-Cost Counselling in Zimbabwe (Updated)

I’ve seen more people talking about mental health, and that is real encouraging. We’re moving from times when mental illness was seen as demon-possession, a “White man’s disease”, seeking attention, to what it really is: illness that needs treatment. It is quite an extreme sport being African. If it wasn’t the blatant dismissal of mental health issues, it was the insidious dismissal of smaller things. Being told to “be strong” when you’re grieving a loved one. “Big boys/girls don’t cry” “a real wife/husband never tires, never gets angry”. Suppression of emotion is rarely a good thing, and sometimes manifests in the worst ways after some time.

A fellow blogger told me about this meeting that is happening at Afrokink Salon tomorrow night, and I would urge as many people that can go, to show up and learn more about mental health.

If you or someone you know needs counselling services, there’s a post I wrote that has a list of organisations that offer free & low-cost counselling round Zimbabwe. While stalking Twitter a few weeks ago, I came across some more places that offer free counselling. Never let something like money hinder you from the treatment you may need.

Connect – Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy

Stand 18149 cnr Ganges/Convair Road
Ridgeview, Belvedere
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: (04) 741726, 741719, 741794


136 Coronation Ave
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: (04) 492223

Samaritans Zimbabwe

97 Josiah Tongogara Street

Tel: (09) 65000, 65050

Contact Family Counselling Centre

9 Barbour Avenue, Parkview
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Tel: (09) 72400, 0712 629 303

I can’t wait for the time mental illness isn’t something someone has to suffer in silence with. There are resources that can help someone suffering from mental health issues, and I’m glad I’m getting to know more and more about them. I hope this will help you, my readers, or someone you know who needs the help above.

Where else can someone get counselling for free or at a reasonable price. Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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