10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2019 (Le Zimbo Bride Series)

How are you all?

I hope you’re enjoying reading Le Zimbo Bride Series, as much as I’m enjoying writing it. If you haven’t started, get serious with us by reading the following posts here and here. Once you’ve caught up, you can join us on the fun side.

… Or so I thought…

While I was doing research for my post, I realised that weddings have really evolved from wearing a dress, standing in front of a preacher and saying “I do”. It’s become a full-fledged industry. There is a lot of work being put in to make the wedding day the most special day of one’s life for sure. It is a lot of work.

Wedding dresses are an industry on their own too! Designers make collections, runway shows for wedding gowns are there, and retailers model their dresses according to the trends for the year. It is a lot of work! It is way more than just picking out something white and saying, “Hmm… I’ll take it.” If you like following the trends, being fashion forward, even on your wedding, then I’ve got you covered!

Below are ten of the trends that you’re sure to see in 2019. Before writing this, I could barely see the difference, now, I could probably be all snooty, and say, “Yes yes, this is modelled after such and such a trend.” I’m not a trend forecaster yet, but I’m getting there!

Take a look at them, see what you like, and what you’d like to see on your own dress:

1. Boat Neck/Off the Shoulder Dress

Image Credit: Hello! Canada

2. Tiaras

Image from Pinterest

3. Statement Bows

Image Credit: MODWedding

4. Puffed Sleeves

Image Credit: Livné White

5. Sparkle

Screenshot_2018-11-13 Wedding gowns for 2019 see the trends from bridal weeks(3)
Image from Vogue Italy

6. 3D Floral

Image from Pinterest

7. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Screenshot_2018-11-13 Wedding gowns for 2019 see the trends from bridal weeks
Image Credit: Vogue Italy

8. Cutouts

Image from the Bridal Boutique

9. Bridal Jumpsuits

Screenshot_2018-11-13 Wedding gowns for 2019 see the trends from bridal weeks(2)
Image Credit: Vogue Italy
Screenshot_2018-11-13 Wedding gowns for 2019 see the trends from bridal weeks(4)
Image Credit: Vogue Italy

10. Pockets

Image from Pinterest

As you could tell, I really liked the jumpsuit, and am thinking of planning a vow renewal just to wear it!

What were your favourite styles? 2019 brides, which trend are you thinking of incorporating into your wedding dress? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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