Best of the Year 2018: Movie

December is here, can you imagine? I’m thinking to myself, “How time has flown!” But it was almost a month ago when I was wishing for the year to end. Bizarre how things change, right?

On to the challenge!! What was the best movie for me this year?

Frankly? I have no idea. Black Panther was great, and Avengers: Infinity War was definitely worth waiting for (Darn you, Starlord!!), but I can’t talk about the best movie when I haven’t even watched all the movies I’ve been hyped about. So here are the movies I’ve been wanting to see soooo much, but haven’t… yet. Please don’t judge me.

Deadpool 2

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I waited a year or so to watch the first Deadpool, until my sister pestered me incessantly, telling me it was real good, it’s “my type of humour”, and that I’d love it. I did love it, and was so excited about the sequel. I’m not a sequel person, but I tend to be very forgiving when I really really liked the first movie. And here we are… about 7 months after its release, and I still haven’t watched it. *sigh and face-palm*

Incredibles 2

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Does Jack-Jack have powers guys? That’s been my question each of the many times I’ve watched the first Incredibles. What other adventures are they going to get into? But seriously guys… Jack-Jack! After defeating Syndrome because of his ability-filled tantrum (not single-handedly of course; the cape did the rest. No capes!!), I’ve been curious to know more about the Incredibles’ baby. 6 months later… still wondering. Don’t worry, I’ll get into it!

Ant-Man and the Wasp

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In my defense, it took me 2 years to watch Ant-Man, so really… I will get to it. I promise!

In the meantime, my best movie will have to be… Avengers: Infinity War. If any of the movies I’ve mentioned above are better than it, I’ll let you know.

Day 1 of the #2018BOTY Challenge is done! Look for the hashtag here and on Twitter, and check out my fellow bloggers’ posts for the next 25 days. I hope you’ll enjoy, and even join the challenge.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

One thought on “Best of the Year 2018: Movie

  1. Antman and the Wasp was a good show for me but you know me and the MCU. Deadpool 2 flattered to deceive. I haven’t watched Incredidles 2 but perhaps I should.

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