Search My Heart, O God

A not-so-random thought:

We view God through the lens of our biases and experiences. The faster we acknowledge that and realise our view of God is truly limited, the more open we’d be to a true “searching of the heart”.

-Rutendo Matongo

It’s very… interesting that Christians are always praying “Search my heart, O God,” day in and day out. Listen, I’m lumped in there too. That was probably my favourite prayer, and then… it was answered in the most interesting way. It was answered when I literally left the comfort zone of my church and actually started to know Christ. I won’t go in the details… but one major thing that the Lord showed me after searching my heart was that:

  • My view of God was completely myopic and framed from the church I was in.
  • That was not the only way God created for people to know and worship God.

It’s been a weird journey of unlearning soooooo many harmful views, least of which was: how someone communes with God is not necessarily wrong just because you don’t get it.

So yeah… again, this is no sermon… just a few of my thoughts. Get out of your little church box. There’s more to God than what you see every Sunday. Talk to different denominations, other religions, atheists, everyone. When you can do that… that’s when your “Search my heart O God” prayer will be answered… and hopefully you’ll be open to the search results.

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