Food Makes Me Happy!

This post is dedicated to HeyAnci, whose words still resonate with me to this day:

You can’t be an undercover foodie. You are just a foodie! You can’t hide the stars in your eyes when food catches your eye, and the first stages of drool making its way and the “I am excited” heartbeat.


Listen, I love food and that will not change, ever. I love good things and food is one of them. One thing I will splurge on is good food, and I will feel no guilt at all. I like good food. I like eating it. I don’t have a particular type of food I like. If it tastes good, I’ll eat it. Spicy food, traditional food, Michelin-star type food, I will eat it.

I wouldn’t call myself a comfort eater, really because if I’m truly stressed or depressed, I lose interest in food (when that happens to me, seriously… call for help). I will, however get the odd hankering for something, and when my need for good food calls, I will not ignore it.

There have been a few spots that opened up in the past few years that I have fallen in love with and really, if you love going on food adventures like me, take note of these places. I’ll pinpoint the meals I loved, not just the place:

5 Spice Oxtail at Amanzi – 158 Enterprise Road, Highlands

*insert uncontrollable laughter*

Erm, sorry. Yes, that oxtail is amazing, succulent, juicy, you’ll come back for more… and more! Just… don’t go there too often, you know because oxtail is really bad for you. *wink wink*

Chicken Salad, Crumbed Fillet Burger, and Alechi Peri Peri Chicken at Alechi – 21 Quorn Ave. Mt. Pleasant

Okay, as you can see, this is my joint. I love it. Their food is so good and reasonably priced. This is not food you can finish alone. Yes, even the chicken salad; I sometimes get it for lunch, and have to set it aside and finish it later on in the day. Also… if they have those brownies when you order, get one… or three. You’re welcome!

Tagliatelle with a creamy chicken & Mushroom sauce at Little Eataly – 1 Hurworth Rd, Highlands Harare

I have a weakness for pasta. So, of course, pasta was gonna be on this list. Don’t worry, another pasta dish is coming! Well, two, technically. Anyway, back to this. First of all, fresh pasta. I’m done. That’s it. Nothing else. Go and try it, and you’ll be addicted like me. I also love the calamari rings. But the pasta… my goodness!

More Pasta! at Da Guido – 100 Golden Stairs, Mt. Pleasant, Harare

My bestie surprised me with lunch here for my birthday (because pasta), and when I tell you I could have stayed the entire day just trying out each of their pasta dishes…. They are so delicious! I’m just waiting for some random day to go again and order two dishes of pasta just because. And no, I’m not sharing.

Sushi! at Maki Sushi and Oh So Sushi

They’re both good to me, so I honestly order according to which place is closer to me at the time, he he he! If you do go to Oh So Sushi, try their Bao buns too. They are delicious!

Almost Everything! at Kung Fu Kitchen – No. 11 Maarsdorp Ave, Harare

The owner texts me when I haven’t ordered in a while, that’s how much I go there. I’ve tried and loved everything. I found out about the place because my bestie had the dumplings and loved them. So I tried them. Then I tried the rice noodles (they’re so good, I recommend having them with chili if you’re not afraid of a little heat) and the ramen. Every single time, I was wowed. I might just have that for dinner tonight.

The Giant Spring Roll at Kow Lee – Shamrock House, King George Road, Avondale.

Chinese food… yum! Especially the noodles!! I can’t say I like only one place. I’m in love with the food at Shangri-La in Chisipite (even the one in Bulawayo, it’s really good), Great Wall and Wonderful Restaurant. I pinpointed this one because of their spring rolls! I remember we used to go there with my friends at varsity when we felt like splurging. It was fun and we bonded over those big spring-rolls.

So, which places make food that makes you want to sing with joy? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

2 responses to “Food Makes Me Happy!”

  1. I am famous oh my word I absolutely love this post.


    1. Of course you are! Did you enjoy your birthday? I didn’t get any feedback.


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