Hey! Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by! Well, actually I told you to read this first. There is a reason, I promise.

Were you there when the original edition of the Quarter Wife was around? Yeah, that was truly my baby. I created it cause I needed a sort of directory especially for Zimbabwean women to get all the resources they needed. I feel it did that and that need to be a support evolved into an entire business. That was pretty awesome, and if you want to know more about that business, you can check it out here.

After pregnancy, birth, PIH and postpartum depression kicked my ass, I decided that I needed a break. I tried writing, but somehow… it wasn’t the same. I didn’t have the same zeal. Had I evolved past the Quarter Wife?

Turns out I didn’t! For some reason, after turning 35, and beyond, I got a new lease on life. I started exploring the hobbies I had ignored because they were for “kids”, and not for moms. I started gaming again (the irony was that I started gaming for hours when I was drowning in depression), this time it was a healthy gaming. I started watching anime again. I got back into music. Started singing along again. I even dance along sometimes! I allowed the many facets of myself to truly come out. I’m so glad, because my kids deserve to see that a mom is more than just someone who tells you to go to your room. She has interests and things are fun for her.

But I digress, lol

So anyway, yeah, I picked up interests that I had tossed away, started the business with my best friend, took a break from practicing for a bit (cause yeah, ain’t no one trying to die for a system that hates you.), and in that state of peace, and rest, writing ideas started filling my mind… and I wanted to type them out. But where? I do not have the time to be doing random posts or Twitter threads. My goodness. So I thought of my blog. I re-branded it to reflect where I am. In a state of rediscovering myself, at peace with who I am currently, unlearning while learning, and doing all this with a laptop in my hand. I chose that blue because it’s soothing, so I’m hoping it reflects the state of peace and rest I am aiming towards.

The name remains the Quarter Wife, though the meaning changes. I’m not only a wife. It’s only a (figurative) quarter of who I am. I am Rutendo. I love a lot of things, and you’ll see that I am as multifaceted as the God who created me. My thoughts are totally random, and can change with new information. I’m recovering from bigotries (internal and external), and I’m enjoying every day I become a better person. Thoughts may resonate with you, some may not. It’s okay. I’m not gonna schedule anything. I will write as the Spirit leads. I’m not gonna join challenges, I am going to enjoy this writing journey and… I need you to treat this blog like you discovering my journal and you’ve locked yourself in your room trying to pry the (flimsy) lock open.

No planning, no SEO, just vibes…

-Me, I think 🙂

Welcome to my thoughts. Welcome to me. Welcome to the Quarter Wife.

P.S: If I post any of my favourite artists’ music, you are obligated to listen to it! Lol, just kidding, but you should. I have great taste in music.