The Quarter Wife is a blog for the busy Zimbabwean woman. I’m here to supply you with information that would otherwise cause you to scroll through numerous Facebook and Whatsapp posts, beating yourself up for not writing it down. This blog is here to write down what you overlooked, saying, “Eh, I’m sure I’ll find this contact later.” If it’s a hairdresser, clothes, diapers, nursery school, restaurants, etc, if you want to know where to go, I’ve got it, and if I don’t, I will get it and write it all down for you.

I would love to give shoutouts to Zimbabwean businesses and people who are working hard in our nation, supplying us with all we need. If you know of anyone who deserves to be featured, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. I am all about networking, and making people more visible.

DISCLAIMER: While I will try my hardest to do thorough research on all companies and people who will be featured here, mentioning a person/company on my blog is not necessarily a reflection of their business practices.