The TWA Stage

Here’s our Movember “Fun Fact”, to raise awareness on men’s health: Warning signs of Testicular Cancer: -A hard, pea sized lump on the testicle -Feeling of heaviness in the testicle -Enlargement of testicle -A dull ache in the testicle -Sudden accumulation of fluid in the testicle -Lower back pain -Source: Cancer society of Zimbabwe Where … More The TWA Stage

Day 30: We Made it!!

Day 30!! I did not think this day would come, but we’re here! Started from the 1st, now we’re here. Disclaimer: I will be writing off the cuff, and will publish this unedited, so please excuse the typos and the corny Drake references. I see two already… I’m highly embarrassed… but not really! I’m jumping … More Day 30: We Made it!!

Day 21: Infertility

I see a few patients struggling with trying to conceive, and I do have the clinical knowledge of infertility, including the statistics, the research, the causes, the options, and so forth and so forth. I know where to refer my patients when all else fails, because we now have a doctor who has specialised in … More Day 21: Infertility